Amarise Knapick

What is Land of Fury?

Land of Fury is a mystical game based in a past time. It takes place in a world called Zarathustra. In this world, there is a flow of energy called Fury. Fury cannot be touched by normal people and only those that are Descendants can touch the Fury. This has caused some to go mad and rebel against the Descendants and bring unbalance to Zarathustra.

The story revolves around two characters named Helix and  Lindsey, both 19 years of age. Growing up together, they are essentially brother and sister, but are not related by blood. Together, they learn about the past and try to save the future with the help of friends they meet along the way. 

How it Started

Land of Fury is a project I began in 2013. I'm a really big "Tales of" series fan, so I have always wanted to create a game or a series that gave players the same feelings i got when playing "Tales". I began working on it in RPG Maker (and I will continue to use it since my art isn't too good) and when the computer I was using died on me, I lost all my custom scripts I used. Devastated, I gave up for a while on the project and put my mind elsewhere, but every time someone brought up making another game, I always thought of Land of Fury. ​

While I was attending college, I had created a teaser trailer for the game and even a facebook page! I wanted to get lots of people hyped up for the game, but ended up scrapping everything when I lost the custom code and resent changes. Upon discovering my long lost Game Doc, I decided it was about time I finished that. So here we are, I've started working on the Game Doc again and reignited my will to create the game. I plan on recreating it from scratch since my understanding of programming is a lot better from 2013.

That video is the teaser trailer. I made that forever ago it seems, but it sparked my desire to make the game again. Although that lens flare at the beginning makes me cringe every time. Hopefully the next teaser trailer I make will look a lot better than this and show a more advance battle system.

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Land of Fury